Thursday, December 4, 2014

{friday favorites}!

it's friday and this week has been a LONG one!!

sunday night we went to a new restaurant in town called bronc's...super cute cowboy themed, delicious family style food, and ponies to fun! it may be our new {favorite} restaurant!

 monday was spent buying groceries first at target, then at heb, with a visit in between to toys r us to spend gift money from nama and grandpa. monday night sadie was really restless in her sleep and i got up around 4:30 to check on her, and she had fever of almost 102.  i figured it was probably the flu since there has been a serious epidemic of it here, so i took her to the doctor tuesday morning, but she tested negative for flu and strep. yay! she's still felt really yucky all week and I've been running low fever as well, so we've spent a lot of time at home! 

with her toys r us money, she got a play yard, stroller, and high chair for her babies so she's been playing with those, and tuesday nana brought by a surprise--her first lego set! it's called pony farm and she loves it. definitely her {favorite} toys this week!

when we were at target on monday, i picked up this set of 10 elf nail polishes for $10!! i know it may not be the best quality but what  a deal! and new nail polish is one of my {favorites} for sure ;)

our theme for home school this week is gingerbread, so we've been doing all sorts of super fun gingerbread decorating our gingerbread house! along with coloring sheets, decorating foam gingerbread cut outs, and making gingerbread cookies.

mandy and abby were so sweet to bring by delicious gingerbread to eat and some more fun projects to do...this gingerbread girl was a {favorite} treat to snack on this week.

i got a couple hours to spend out of the house this morning (thank you nana!) and drove straight to hobby lobby..i've been wanting to start a new hobby that's fun and creative, so i decided jewelry making it is! i picked out fun beads and charms and thought i would start out with bracelets!
so here is my first creation--i love that the little camera charm says "snap" on the backside :)
and i enrolled in a jewelry making course at our community college to get some real instruction. so excited to have a new {favorite} hobby!

of course, sadie had to make a bracelet too ;) she picked all of the beads and charm out herself and strung most of the beads alone--i thought she did a great job!

i'm linking up to share my friday favorites at momfessionals..have a great weekend!


  1. Stopping by from the Momfessionals Link Up! Those bracelets that you and your little girl made are absolutely adorable! Happy Friday!

  2. I'm sorry y'all had such a rough week! Looks like yall had fun in spite of it though. :) cute bracelets!

    1. we did have fun but are SO ready to be well ;)

  3. gingerbread week looks fun! so sorry you guys were so sick :( those bracelets are so pretty--what a fun new hobby!