Friday, August 26, 2011

mommy breakfast and lunch with nana

yesterday i met jennifer, kami, and loni for a mommy breakfast at panera's...we had such a good time and got to talk all things baby related...including labor, delivery, nursing, preschool and on and on. it's so nice to be able to talk about all these things with girls who are going through or have just through it! and you know you're not boring them with baby talk because that's what on all our minds ;)

kami just had parker 7 weeks ago and loni's baby addison is 4 months..aren't they precious?!
jennifer is pregnant with logan and due in november and miss sadie is the oldest of the bunch-almost 20 months!! i cannot believe it! she stayed with my mom, and i got to enjoy a leisurely breakfast. but oh man, i forget how tiny babies are...i held parker and she just seemed itsy bitsy to me. (note to self: poof that hair up before you take a picture)
after breakfast i did a little shopping for our house. let me say that i have fallen back in love with pier 1. why did we end our relationship? no idea. but we are back on, pier 1, and oh how i love you! i also went to spice and got some great decorative things for the kitchen and living room. it's really coming together! can't wait to show you pictures. after all that shopping, i decided it was time to relax with a mani/pedi. i got a creamy white on my fingers and a dark brownish/purple on my toes.

today we met mom and les for lunch at mcalister' you ever go there? it seems like i'm there all the time. my current favs are the creamy potato soup and the southwest turkey melt. and of course, some sweet tea!

sadie was showing me her teeth here. ha!
and in a serious mood with mommy. i said, "you don't have to smile, just sit still" and this is what we got!
have a fantastic weekend...mine will be full of football talk since saturday is mike's second fantasy football draft...thank goodness, now with his hobby here again, maybe he'll leave the couponing to me :)


  1. what a fun girls breakfast. love the pics of sadie--the painful smile is hysterical and she has the cutest little down-turned mouth.
    i'm hoping your grocery savings doesn't go down too much with mike not getting your coupons for you! :)

  2. looks like Sadie has some sweet new little friends! Never been to Mcalisters but we have got one close now, I want to try the tator soup. That is a serious little face Miss Sadie is wearing!