Wednesday, August 17, 2011

3 days to relax

sunday morning we left sadie with susanne, mckinlee, and mom, so we could take a little mini vaca to the gaylord texan in grapevine...i was a little nervous leaving sadie since she seems to being going through a seperation anxiety phase, but she ended up doing just fine!

we ate lunch on the way and then got lost in dallas 3 times but finally made it to the hotel. here is our pretty room. the entire hotel was decorated very rustic and "texan".
the two books i bought to read while we were on our trip...i started to rules of civility and could hardly put it down. it's a very interesting read and made me feel sort of sad when i finished it. the other book is nefertiti which i've been waiting for two years to come out. this is a sequel, and i can't wait to read it!
inside the hotel, there were so many restaurants and shops to look at...this was the riverwalk cantina and it felt like we were at the riverwalk in san antonio. we ate breakfast here monday morning- the omelets were outstanding! i had musrooms, bacon, peppers, and spinach in mine with jack and cheddar cheese!
i loved this little you were heading to the outdoor pool, they had the cutest tiny wooden house with lots of sweets inside!
a huge guitar train in the atrium
we also went to main street in grapevine which was so fun...they had so many quaint little shops! we stopped by pattycakes for a delicious lemon cupcake.
a cute cow printed ottoman that i rested my feet on. i'm loving this blue-green-aqua color on my toes!
the atrium of the hotel was filled with gorgeous plants, flowers, and trees. i don't what this one is called but i thought it was beautiful.
ahhhh....the best meal at zeppole's coastal italian restaurant
baked salmon with spinach wrapped in a puff pastry with a saffron cream sauce, polenta, and fresh veggies. i didn't get a picture of it-probably because we stuffed it into our faces so fast-but we had an amazing appetizer of baked fontina cheese with mushrooms and tomatoes on crostini. i can taste it right now.
mike eating his meal
and me enjoying mine
i love the sound of water of any sort, so the river running through the hotel and the fountain, was so peaceful
we had so much fun, but could not wait to get home to our little sadie bella!


  1. Looks like such a fun weekend. Love the guitar in the planter. Very cool.

  2. wow! that resort is beautiful--i had no idea it was so big! i'm glad you had such a relaxing time and got to eat such pretty food!
    we had a wonderful time with sadie and miss her so much :)

  3. what a fun looking get away! I live in Dallas and have never been there. Your room was so pretty and super relaxing looking. And I love your new background for your blog, you always change it up and it looks so good!