Friday, August 5, 2011

new clothes, recovered chair, and the pool

i recently ordered a few new things from my favorite stores {j.crew and anthro}'s a good thing too, since i'm doing a no shopping challenge for the month of august! j.crew was having a 40% already marked down items and anthro just had a bunch of good stuff super clearanced...oh and i promise these things look way better on than on the hanger.

city capris in white and british khaki
love this cute little top from anthro! i wore it with a grey tank and the white capris tonight.
i am in love with this salmon/coral color. lately i have bought so many things in this color. and this is ALWAYS the nail polish color i buy. i'll come home with a new bottle of nail polish and see that i already have 3 other bottles of the same color :) do you do that?
and we finally got the new chair for our bedroom!! my mom gave us this chair and had it recovered in a fun and funky zebra print. it's so nice to sit in it and put my feet up and relax in our room.
so yesterday i had pain in my super low back and this morning it was hurting pretty bad, but i still decided to go run. i probably ran a 1/4 of a mile on the treadmill when the pain got so intense it was doubling me over and i felt like throwing up. i hobbled to my car and mike tried to stretch out my leg when i got home. then mom drove us to see the chiropractor and he stretched my leg and gave me an feels much better tonight, but i guess my muscles were really tense from running and i have issues with my pelvic bone since i had sadie, so combined, it was not fun! after all the drama of the morning, sadie and i went to the pool to swim! kaylee, jackson, ethan, and phillip came too. we ate lunch and got to visit-here are the kids altogether!
happy weekend!


  1. love your purchases! i think i got those same khaki capris too and that is the coral blouse i tried on at anthro. i couldn't decide between it and a different gray one, so mckinlee chose for me and picked the gray--big surprise!
    so sorry about your running injury. hope you are feeling better now.
    love your chair--it looks so great in your room!

  2. cute clothes! yes, i go through phases where i buy the same colors and styles. glad i'm not the only one :)

  3. Hi Danielle!
    Great new anthro stuff! That store makes me swoon.
    There is a top that I have just been drooling over but it's 98 and I just can't justify the need right now. Maybe it will go on sale soon!!
    Love the chair too. I love having a place to sit in my bedroom.
    Happy weekend to ya. :)

  4. Cute clothes but I'm super jealous of the pool! lol
    Mrs. C