Tuesday, August 23, 2011

the one with the funny glasses

what an interesting few days we've had...sadie is cutting her last 4 baby teeth and she is waking up at night for 2 to 3 hours which means i am exhausted. added to that, she refuses to go to sleep by herself now so i have to rock her for naps and bedtime! i've struggled with what to do about it, but honestly she is only little once and it's easier for me to rock her than hear her scream and cry for hours. and she is such a good little girl otherwise so i'll just look at it as extra snuggle time, right? ;)

we have had lots of fun lately coloring with crayons, watching max and ruby, and playing tea party. it's too hot to even go outside, so i'm trying to keep her busy inside. her she is playing the pi-no as she calls it (with some awesome bedhead no less)
and i'm really struggling with the "no spending in august" challenge, so since i can't buy for myself, i'm buying for the house and for sadie. does that mean i have a shopping problem?
i did find the cutest little bag to hold sadie's milk and snacks at marshall's yesterday. i'm always in need of kitchen towels so i snatched these up too!
i had already bought her some cute things at children's place on the way back from our trip last week, but i went in again and found this top and skirt and watermelon pj's on sale.
lastly, mike had to go to the eye doctor yesterday, i don't think he had been in like 5 years because he hates anything near his eyes! he feels about the eye doctor like i feel about getting blood drawn! ugh! so last night when he came home he had these ridiculous old people glasses on and i found it so funny...then sadie decided she needed to wear them too. oh my, i laughed and laughed about this one.

on a completely different note, i have decided to redecorate my entry, living, and kitchen! so in typical danielle fashion, i took everything decorative off the walls and tables, and put away all the pillows, so i could start with a clean slate and know exactly what i need to buy...i sort of love the empty space now, but don't worry, i have some cute things planned to buy! i'll show you pictures as soon as it comes together.

happy tuesday!


  1. Too bad it's so hot there! We wear cardigans in the mornings here! And those glasses are a hoot! Can't wait to see your new decor!

  2. Hi Danielle!
    Cute post. Sadie is always looking so fashionable. :) Good luck on your no spending for yourself this month! It's SO tough isn't it??

    I'm glad to hear you loved rules of civility! I am about to start that soon and can't wait to dive into it. What is your book nefertiti a sequel too?

  3. too funny--those glasses are hilarious!
    love sadie playing the pi-no.
    i know--the no spending for me has turned into let's think of anything i need for the house and buy it!! ha!

  4. You guys are so funny with the no spending in August...it is called shopitis! you need to come to Fig Finale for all the posh kid clothes for Sadie of course and you and Susanne could just buy for each other Problem solved!

  5. Those glasses are the epitome of coolness! What I'm seeing here is a hip and fun family. I'm lucky to have found your blog. I'm sure to follow your stories next time!