Tuesday, August 2, 2011

sadie loves her girls!

zizi, mimi, and nana...sadie loves these 3!

zizi and mimi came to stay with us for the weekend and sadie enjoyed it so much. she always has fun with them and talks about them constantly.

i loved this picture of mckinlee even though her eyes are closed she just looks so sweet and happy. and look at her beautiful nails-not fair for a 12 year old to have better nails than most women :)
when mimi is around, that's all sadie can think about! i love that they are so close and love each other.
sadie belle, mckinlee, and susanne
and nana stopped by to visit today. when sadie sees nana at the front door she stops and squeals "nanaaaaaaaa!" so cute.
happy tuesday to you!

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  1. we love her too!
    (i think maybe being an aunt is just as great as being a mom!)