Tuesday, August 9, 2011

show me your smile and a shower

sadie had on the cutest little coral (my fav color right now!) dress from babygap that her zizi got her the other night, so of course i had to take a picture...when i said "sadie, show me your smile" this is what i got! ha! we'll have to work on that smile before school pictures i guess.
on friday night we went to a wedding shower for a dear friend, lauren, who i have known literally since the day she was born...her mom did a wonderful job of giving the shower and had a huge southern meal, cake, and delicious cookies for us to eat.
here we are...
the gift table
there were soo many people there to support lauren and matt
some of the yummy cookies
mom and les
sadly i didn't get one picture of the happy couple! there were so many people there, plus we were trying to eat dinner and keep sadie occupied, when all she wanted to do the whole night was look at the beautiful aquarium in the lobby! but it was a fun night, and i can't wait for the beautiful wedding in a month
speaking of marriage, 9 years ago tommorrow was the day mike proposed to me. i was thinking about that day early this morning when sadie woke up and told me "milk. go get it." haha! i remember that day so clearly and we've lived so much life since then. i can't imagine what another 9 years will bring!

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  1. love that picture of sadie--the dress looks so cute on her and i love her little foot twisted to the side!
    what a nice shower--wish i could have been there.
    i love sadie's milk request--too funny! and happy proposal day!!