Monday, August 1, 2011

hi monday!

these pictures don't relate to my post, but i thought they were so cute! susanne took them for me for sadie's 18 month old pics!

it's monday AND the start of a new month! july was sooo super busy, i've hardly blogged at all, but hopefully, august will be a little slower and i can catch up on a few things...

i've started running again! yippee! my goal is to run mondays, wednesdays, and fridays, and do zumba on thursdays. to me, it is so much easier to run on a treadmill than out in the 40th straight day of 100+ temps here in texas! so i've been going to our community workout room and it's super nice and never crowded.
for the month of august, susanne and i are doing a no shopping challenge. so for 31 days, my challenge is to not buy anything for myself like clothes, shoes, or accessories. makeup doesn't count. good thing i just bought some cute stuff from anthro and j.crew last week ;) i will let you know how it goes!
speaking of shoes...i've been having some issues with shoes for sadie. she has fat little feet, not necessarily wide just thick. target shoes are not cutting it anymore, so last week i ordered a pair of shoes from see kai run-love them!! and i got some really cute stride rites at dillard's on sale the other day. i'm thinking for fall i'll just get her 3 or 4 pairs of really good shoes and forget the cheapy ones.
we had our annual district convention this past weekend which is 3 days of bible talks, dramas, and wonderful fellowship. the theme this year was "let god's kingdom come" and it was great! i always feel so refreshed after a weekend of spirtual encouragement. but i didn't take one picture with my camera! i can't believe that!

sadie's new phrase is "where are loo?" for "where are you?" it's hilarious and i love to hear her say it!
i'm now off to cook dinner...this is our 1 unhealthy night of eating before i buy groceries tommorrow-hot dogs and fries-but i bet they'll taste really good!


  1. First of all....grey and mustard...adore and I plan to use these colors when we some day redo Henry's nursery into a big boy room!

    And S's lil' outfit is just smokin' cute! Growing up so fast!

    Aren't little one's so funny? Love their phrases! Henry says WHERE ARE YOU? I DON'T KNOW! right to your face! Ha!

    Yay on running! I'm a treadmill girl. 5:45 every morning. I tivo my junky shows, so if I want to watch, I've got to exercise!

    Good luck on your shopping ban! I'm off to outlet shop tomorrow! I'll think of you! :):):)

  2. so glad the pictures turned out so good--she was so cute!
    i'm so motivated by your running. maybe i would have less issues running on the treadmill than on pavement--will look into that!
    so we've made it 2 days so far on our challenge--yay us!