Sunday, January 4, 2015

weekend wrap-up {frozen party}

this weekend started off on friday morning with a FROZEN party!! sadie and abby had a frozen princess party for their several of their little friends, and it was absolutely adorable!

we played pin the nose on olaf, had a nail painting station, had elsa wands the girls danced and twirled with, did coloring pages, listened to a frozen story, ate lunch & watched the movie...whew! a LOT packed into 3 hours!
so much fun for the girls and us mamas ;)

 the girls went home with stickers, pencils, nail polish, and hershey's hugs all in a precious frozen cup
 the food table was so so cute (this was before all the food was set out) but we had olaf noses and olaf arms, frost bites, frozen waters, coronation salad, anna and hans' sandwiches, and cupcakes..yum yum

 the  mamas!
 friday night susanne came to stay with us while mckinlee stayed with her friends...we had fun catching up and laughing. saturday we went in the ministry, then changed to go out and do a little shopping. here we are taking a #sisterselfie before leaving the house!  we shopped, picked up mckinlee, and got ready for dinner out with the whole family to celebrate my aunt & uncle's anniversary. i didn't get a single picture of the evening, but we had fun!
 today after our meeting (where we had 243 in attendance!! usually we have around 80-90 people), we went to bronc's for lunch. sadie loved riding the horse and watching a guy roping a pretend calf head-only in texas!  susanne and mckinlee left to go back home in the afternoon, we napped, and I made mix and match mama's chocolate coffee hazelnut bundt cake for a football party/dinner we went to sunday night.

a BUSY and fun weekend!!
 this next week is a BIG one...sadie starts real pre-k on tuesday...eeks!! 


  1. what a precious party! i think you should have left the snowflakes hanging from your chandelier...they were so pretty. we had a fun weekend with you all!

    1. i know i wish we had left the snowflakes, they were so beautiful! we had so much fun too :)

  2. Outstanding party!! I love the way you organized this frozen themed party. Good job dear!! Anyway, I have also got invitation for a birthday party. The best part is that party will be organized at one of my favorite outdoor party places in the Bronx!