Sunday, January 11, 2015

week re-cap!

what a week this has been!! big things happening over here :) we started last monday by painting a snowman and snowwoman at praktically pikasso, it's such a fun place to go!

monday night i packed my very first school lunch as a mama because sadie STARTED SCHOOL on tuesday!!! the kids eat lunch at 10:45 (wow early!) and since sadie only goes a half day, i packed her more of a snack than a lunch...peanut butter & honey sandwich, goldfish, raisins, and carrots, oh and a hershey's hug as a little treat.

she came out of her room bright and early tuesday morning and said "is it time for me to get up? it's still dark outside1" we got dressed, ate breakfast, and took some pictures in the foyer and outside the front door.  she is such a happy morning person and told me this week "i love getting up early!" #thatmakesoneofus

 sadie's teacher is so precious & sweet, i'm so thankful for that! she told me sadie had an excellent first day and first week and is doing great in the class!  no tears, being obedient and using manners. sure makes me proud!

here's miss sass on her second day

on friday after school, mike met us for lunch at sadie's choice-chick fil a of course- and we
 had a fun little family lunch to celebrate a great first week at school.

friday night was freezing but sadie wanted to do sparklers on the back patio...i stayed inside and took pics from the back door ;)

also, this week my mom and i got our office space at work moved, yay! now we have more room and aren't cramped in one tiny little desk. (not that we're at the office that much, but when we are there, it gets a bit crowded.) so now we've got plenty of space and of course it needed to be decorated!

our new signs!!

my little side of the space

and mom's side...i think it turned out super cute and will make us much more productive this year i'm sure ;)

saturday night we had a dinner for the pioneers in our hall at mandy and john's was just beautiful! she ordered gifts for each person and had them wrapped so beautifully in her entry way. 

the table settings were so pretty...she had encouraging scriptures printed out on each table and i did the flower centerpieces in mason jars with the fruitages of the spirit on chalk tags! we had mexican food..SO delish! and such a fun evening! (poor mike was feeling so bad he didn't get to make it)

mike still felt bad this morning and i woke up feeling yucky too, so we stayed home most of the day and tried to stay warm! i decided i needed to "winterize" our house a little more. it's so funny how just a few decorative changes make me like a space so much more.. i found this cute tray under the bed in the guest room and added my snowman and a yummy winter candle susanne just brought us and my IG chatbooks to it. then i downloaded and printed out this free winter printable and used a frame i already had to make the coffee table a little more wintery. oh and i added some mini pinecones to the little wooden flowerpots.

our entry table has a let it snow sign hanging from the wire pyramid? cage? i never know what to call those things...i picked up a cute vintage frosty picture at the craft gallery and added a few snowflakes to the table too.

i printed out another winter printable and used a frame i already had and put it on our kitchen buffet along with the b&b works winter candle!

i put some silver sparkly branches in my arrangement on the piano

i added some more mini pinecones to my wreath on the dining table and a mason jar candle fit perfectly inside it

mike finally started feeling better this afternoon and decided to bake some banana nut muffins (with his little helper beside him) i think it's hilarious how she put her hand up as i'm trying to take the pic like "we're very busy here. no pictures please." hahaha!
they were probably the BEST banana muffins i've ever had. way to go honey!

and lastly a quick pic of my sweet girl this morning! even though her daddy and i were feeling bad, she wanted to go to the meeting, so we got her ready and i dropped off her with nana.  they had a special lunch afterwards just the two of them.

and just like that the weekend is over! 6:15 sure is going to come early tomorrow :)


  1. i'm so glad sadie is liking school. is she still saying she likes getting up early? those words have never come out of my mouth!
    i love how you and mom decorated your office. it looks so homey and cute!
    everything was so pretty for the pioneer dinner! love the gifts too. definitely going to remember that for next year.

    1. she never seems to mind getting up early, just jumps up, gets her clothes on & is ready to go! even on friday, i tried to get her to stay home because of her cold and she insisted she go to school!