Thursday, September 24, 2009

houses and football

it's been a chilly fall week here...such nice weather for pajama wearing and snuggling!

we closed on the spec house we built on tuesday! yea! i really loved this house and wanted to move in it...but i want to move into every house we build ;) i used a lot of the same colors and ideas from our personal home in designing this one, and i love the way it turned out.

here is the front elevation... here is the kitchen...
one of my former bosses ended up buying the house, so it's cool to personally know the family that will be living there!
now for very important news...mike finally got his trophy for being the fantasy football champ last season. he is now a 2 time ff champion and i hoping for his 3rd win this season! way to go babe!

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  1. Designing homes would be so much fun! This home is beautiful! I'm with you...I would want to move into all of the homes as well! Maybe a seasonal switch? :)