Monday, September 7, 2009


do you like mondays? i have mixed feelings about mondays...while it's the start of a new week and that's good, it means mike has to go back to work, and it also means i have to go grocery shopping.

have i told you how much i dislike shopping for groceries?! i would be thrilled if i could order my groceries on the phone or internet and have them brought to my door. now i know in bigger cities those kinds of perks exist, but not here in central Texas. so every monday, it's my duty to load up my little 'green' bags and head to HEB. once i get the groceries home, i'm completely happy! i love reorganzing my fridge and having a fully stocked pantry (which also needs to be organized at the moment) but the whole process of putting groceries in my cart, unloading them onto the conveyor belt, loading them into bags, loading them into my car, unloading them into my house, then putting them all up is a bit tiring. couldn't somebody really smart come up with a better solution than all that loading and unloading?!

okay, i feel much better here's my menu for this week
monday-chicken piccata and roasted asparagus
tuesday- tacos, homemade guac and chips
wednesday-chili dogs, chips, pickle (didn't get to make them on sunday)
thursday- grilled salmon, herb butter rice, grilled zucchini
friday-creamy chicken italiano over fettucine (crockpot recipe)
saturday-take out
sunday- chocolate chip pancakes, cheesy scrambled eggs, bacon
aren't these roses beautiful? mike got them for miss sadie and i on thursday and they are still beautiful this morning! what a sweet husband! and on friday night, i was feeling a little yuck, so he gave me the most wonderful pedicure...he put foot soak fizzies in my pedicure tub, took off my polish, filed my calluses, put oil on my cuticles, and gave me a lotion foot massage. (i painted them myself) but it was the BEST pedicure. so i told him he definitely scored some 'blog space' for that one! he wanted to make sure i blogged about it. hehe!
happy monday!


  1. How special! a pedicure from a husband?! exceptional!!! I thought I was special getting foot massages...the roses are beautiful and your grocery info doesn't surprise me! as a little girl if I had to get a basket at the grocery you would get so upset! wonder if Sadie will like grocery shopping??? maybe I will need to babysit her!

  2. Oh, you are a lucky gal...getting pampered by your husband! Isn't it the best! Now he can pamper both of his girls! :)

    ...and the grocery store? I love, love to go! I HAVE to have a list or will buy too much junky junk! :)

  3. wow! a pedicure and flowers! what a treat. why don't you get a personal shopper? then you wouldn't have to go to the grocery store!