Monday, September 14, 2009

headbands and heartburn

i hope you had a great weekend! ours was nice, but R-A-I-N-Y...all weekend long. i'm not complaining though because i love the rain and dark, cloudy weather. and with rain, came cooler temps which is fantastic. we took a walk tonight, and i actually got chilled.

i've been making flower headbands for sadie. i saw all these adorable ones on etsy for like $12 a piece, and decided i could make them for MUCH i bought the flowers, bling for the centers, alligator clips, and ribbon at hobby lobby, and i ordered the headbands (crocheted and nylon) online at a wholesaler. so now i have all these flower headbands made for about $40, where i would've spent that on about 4 headbands on etsy!

and here is my 21 week picture...she has really started kicking these last couple of weeks. she's quite active, but not so much a morning person (just like me;)

saturday, we met some friends in temple at bj's...the best restaurant! they had a special where you got a huge pizza, two salads, and this dessert called a pazookie for $20. we ordered it and i specifically asked for no huge tomato chunks on my pizza, but the waiter forgot to tell the kitchen, so he brought us a second pizza for free. so i ate a huge salad, pizza, and this dessert, and was so uncomfortably full afterwards!! i HAVE to remember to eat smaller meals, which i usually try to do, but sadie was not digging all that food!
here is the pazookie, which is a huge choc. chip cookie with ice cream on top...

and i took 4 or 5 pics of kevin, cheryl, and katie but my flash wasn't working...

so i finally got the flash to work, and didn't realize kevin had his eyes closed!

and here is braely, corey, luke, and amelia...happy 7th anniversary today!!


  1. Your hair bands look fantastic! Way to go!

  2. The headbands are adorable!!!!!!!!!! I love them!!! Great job.

  3. The headbands are too precious! I know having a girl will be lots of fun! I've been following your blog and really enjoy keeping up with you! Congratulations!

  4. Our Sadie will be styling! So cute! You should market them!

    What a nice dinner party! Such sweet, good friends--and photogenic!