Monday, September 28, 2009

can you tell i don't feel good?

my pictures are all crooked and i haven't bothered to straighten them
yucky dishes in the sink

unmade bed (for 2 days)

piles of laundry
my house is rarely this messy, but instead of straightening up, all i feel like doing is reading blogs and taking naps.
at least my living room looks nice and straight. i hadn't shown pics of the living room since we rearranged the furniture. we took out the coffee table and switched the couch and chairs feels way more open to me, and i can finally utilize the bar behind the if you see any great bar stools, let me know!

and we got sadie's stroller! my grandparents bought it for us and it's really cute!

and i went to the doctor today. my lungs looked clear but he wanted me to take tamiflu as a preventitive measure. since i was already there, he did my 24 week appt. i've gained a total of 12 pounds and am measuring exactly 24 weeks, so technically i'm measuring a week further along than i thought! i had a lot of questions for him because i am getting our birth plan together. did any of you have formal birth plans? like exactly what you want to happen during labor and delivery? i know things most likely won't go exactly the way i plan, but i think it's good to have specific things written down (if you want pain meds, thoughts on induction and c-section, etc.)
i hope you are enjoying this monday more than me! byebye!


  1. Oh just you wait till sweet Sadie starts running/crawling all over your house. That cute living room will be a sea of Sadie:)

    As far as a birth plan, I had one with my first child and it helped me feel confident although nothing went according to "the plan." I was nearly 42 weeks pregnant with no signs of labor so, I was induced and had an epidural. With my second child, I gave birth at 38 weeks, my labor was 4 hours total and my epidural didn't "take" so everything happened naturally (no medication). Both kids are happy and healthy and I am fine.

    The most important thing you can do is think about each option you might/might not having during labor and each consequence of the option (i.e. having an episiotomy vs. tearing) so you're comfortable going into the process and you've thought about it.

    You'll do great!!!

    maria - a loyal lurker/commenter who found you via Kelly's Korner home tours

  2. wow! you must feel really bad! it looks more like my house than yours! ha ha :)
    love the new arrangement in the living room. sadie will have a lot of room to play now. love your stroller! that was so sweet of them to get it for you already~ hope you feel better soon.

  3. Who's house is that? (did you mess it up to take pictures?) Never seen it like that, but you do have an excuse! Poor baby...glad you are feeling better!

    I hope your delivery will be quick like Susanne's and mine!

  4. Sorry you feel bad! It will all be worth it soon. Yes, I had a birth plan, but it did not go anything according to my plan. I ended up being in the hospital at 35 weeks and then having a c-section at 36 weeks. I did like the idea of having a say in the process, it just didn't work out that way for me.

    Love the new stroller. You will get tons of use out of that!

  5. Your house is gorgeous even when it's "messy." Hope you feel better soon!