Friday, September 25, 2009

{new loves}-edited-more symphony pics

good morning! it is a gorgeous day here...sunny and cool. last night was the symphony. can i just say (to quote rachel zoe) it was ah-mazing and bananas! after the intermission, the pianist came out with NO SHEET MUSIC and played brahms concerto in d minor for AN HOUR. i have 2 pages of fur elise memorized and think i'm doing fine ;) but really, it was incredible and moving. we were talking after the performance, and you can tell he doesn't think the music, he just feels know the entire piece from memory and to know at just what exact moments to play and not to play with the orchestra playing behind you the whole time is genius!

mom got much better pictures than i did of us actually in the symphony hall. i'll post those when she emails them to me...these are the only pics i got of us at cheddar's getting a snack after the symphony.

now for my friday new loves...i have narrowed down my choices for a baby bag. and these are the top 2 picks. which do you like better? (oh and i bought a beautiful diaper bag organizer from LAF brand so i can use a regular purse instead of using a traditional diaper bag)

and i am so ready to buy boots for the fall. i am LOVING tall, flat boots right now!

i found these on piperlime...the first are anne klein

these are ralph lauren

these are steve madden

lastly, if you need a great laugh and some yummy recipes for quesadillas, check out cjane's blog today...this video is too funny!

happy friday!


  1. you are so quick to post & interesting!!! love the bags! and the boots--especially the 1st and last...

  2. Love the Steve Madden boots! Flat boots will be handy with the baby :)


  3. Ohhhhh...Your baby bag choices are great! I think you need for fall/winter, the other for spring/summer! :)

    Boots have been on my mind too! Nice picks! I'm holding out for Frye. I promised my husband I will wear them EVERY.SINGLE.DAY! :)

    Sounds like a fab night! So neat!

  4. what an amazing performance! glad you all had a good time. i love both diaper bags, but the gold looks like you (i think). love the boots--the ralph lauren ones look like you should be in a riding habit on a horse! my favorites are the anne klein. i watched the cjane video--too funny! (all by myself ha ha!)