Wednesday, September 16, 2009

trip to plano and fall decor

yesterday mom and i drove to plano to spend the day with susanne...we had so much fun! susanne is in the middle of her 21 day cleanse, and it was her first day getting to eat chicken/fish, so as soon as we got there, we drove to pho mac...the most wonderful vietnamese food ever. if you live anywhere remotely close to plano, you have to eat there and get menu item B8!
i cannot begin to describe how wonderful this dish is! it's a cut up chicken breast over rice noodles, with fresh carrots, lettuce, and cucumber, and a delicious spring roll. you dip your food into the sauce which is vinegar and red pepper flakes.

we shopped around and picked up mckinlee from school. she looks and acts so grown up's too cute! then we went back to susanne's and watch sadie's ultrasound video and they gave me some of mck's cute baby clothes and toys for sadie...our last stop was lone star baby, which is a fantastic baby/kids store with gorgeous furniture, bedding, and tons of other stuff. this is mom and i standing next to sadie's crib (which mom and les so generously bought...thank you!!)

i could have stayed in this store for hours!

i loved this high chair and it would go perfectly in my black & white kitchen...this may be a future purchase!

so today, i had a ton of errands to of which was going to hobby lobby to stock up on fall decor. they have all the flowers and wall hangings on sale this week, so i picked up a few things...

here are the cubbies in our mud room

a new flower arrangement for the dining table

our entry table

and the front door

i already had this urn so i just added the flowers/greenery, but needed i used leopard tissue paper and bunched up pieces of a j.crew bag to fill in (i'm thinking i may get some of that stuff that looks like twigs in a birds nest, but this was a short term solution)

and i loved this sweet autumn sign
happy fall!


  1. Fall is my favorite time of year, and I love to decorate the have inspired me to post some pictures this weekend!!

  2. I love all of it! I almost bought that Autumn sign the other day. It's so cute! Happy fall!

  3. The black crib is so fantastic! I painted a mural for a baby girl's nursery and she had black furniture. I thought it looks soooo neat! Fell in love!

    I went "fall" shopping today! Love all of your goodies! Isn't it fun to switch things in and out of season?

  4. LOVE all your fall stuff. i've got to get my stuff out soon! so glad you came~we had fun!

  5. Everything looks so cute! I got my stuff out last Friday and I have decided this is my favorite time of year. I have fall stuff out but may need to add a few new pieces. Great purchases.

  6. Loved your post! Let's see, maybe I will get out my fall decor---only you & susanne can imagine the extent I go on changing with the seasons! I think I'm inspired now!!

    What a fun time we had in Plano! Can't wait to go again! By the way I really like your table arrangment---turned out very pretty!!

  7. Just put up my fall decor too!! I love it!! You will love having a baby girl!! So fun! Best wishes