Friday, September 4, 2009

baby pics and nursery choices

it's so hard to imagine what our baby will look like...what features she'll take from me and from mike, so i thought i would show you pics of mike and i when we were babies!
here i am around a year oldand here's mike at a year old (isn't he a cutie?) AND
here are our picks for sadie's nursery...

this baby mod crib
this storkcraft dresser/changing table

and the serena & lily 'kate' bedding

the nursery walls will be a ballet pink (super light)

and we will use the rocking chair that my mom used in my nursery, which is so special because my dad put it together for her, so it's like i have a little piece of him in sadie's room (he was killed in a car accident when i was 18 months old)

i already have a beautiful iron chandelier with crystal drops hanging in her room...i brought it from our last house because i loved it so much! so it will go perfect!
i will be sure to show pics when the nursery is finished...

i've been meaning to post a picture of our bedroom since i FINALLY got a rug...susanne has been telling me for over a year that i need a rug in our room...
i got it at pottery barn on's a jute/chenille 8x10 rug. the jute gives it the rough, beachy texture i love, but the chenille woven through it makes it soft on your feet.

lastly...mike and i were talking this morning about what made us like the name SADIE...
i said that a few years ago on The Bachelor there was the cutest little blonde contestant named sadie, and i just thought that was the cutest name
mike said he's always liked the name since he heard r.kelly's song 'sadie'. i guess that was in his earlier r&b days cause i never hear him listening to r. kelly now. hehe!
here's the song for you to listen to (just click on the play button)...


  1. Well here I am tearing up Susanne's blog of McKinlee and now YOURS! I thought how proud your Daddy would have been of his girls and now another little one to add...he probably would have built each of his grand daughters a playhouse, but for now, I'm glad you have the rocker! I'll try to love Sadie for both of us as I have my other sweet baby!!!

  2. First of all, that pix of you holding up the "It's A Girl" sign is priceless! Sadie will see this photo so many times! How awsome!

    Oh, and I adore your nursery! LOVE the Kate bedding! YOUR master is just beautiful too! Danielle...You just have great taste! (I can't wait to see pix of the finished nursery.)

    Also, I remember buying the first outfits for my children. I can shop for my children all the time! A true passion! (My husband isn't as thrilled as I am about my "passion"! Ha!)


  3. YAY!!! You picked all my first choices!!!! HAHA (I know that's not what made you decide on them for sure; but I love the dresser, bed and bedding) the chandelier is going to set the room off! Can't wait to see it all together.

  4. when i saw that picture of mike, i immediately thought it looked like the ultrasound pics of sadie! i have a feeling she will be a little blonde headed cutie like jake and savannah. love the nursery choices--the pink walls sound gorgeous. can't wait to see it.
    how special that you have the rocking chair. i remember helping daddy put it together to surprise mom--i also remember rocking you in it trying to get you to sleep. it would be neat if we could find a picture of mom and you in it--you could put it in sadie's room with a picture of you and her!