Thursday, September 3, 2009

we're having a little girl!!
all along i felt like it was a girl, but we were perfectly fine either way...just so thankful to be pregnant with a healthy baby!
i don't know if you can tell by the pictures, but she had the cord up by her face the whole time so it was hard to get a good face shot! but she has the cutest little nose and long skinny feet (which were kicking on my bladder the whole time)
we are ELATED! and i already ran over to babygap to buy an outfit ! hehe
i've really been holding myself back as far as shopping but now there's no holding back anymore...bling and bows and flowers are going to quickly be filling this house.


  1. i am in tears...she is so beautiful. i can't wait to start shopping for her!

  2. Susanne, what a sweet aunt!!! Danielle I am so excited for you and Mike! She will be so loved!

  3. Congratulations!! Such a beautiful gift.


  4. Nana couldn't be happier! I already love her! She will be my "precious baby"--you know I have my "sweet baby" who's 10 now! Can't wait to hold her!

  5. I found your blog and few weeks ago and loved your weekly menu! I love the Serena and Lily bedding. I saw some twin bedding that matched at Target not too long ago and thought about doing my 4 year olds bedding in it. On my blog (awhile back) I showed a picture of a nursery done in that bedding that was so cute! They painted a harlequin (sp.?) pattern on the walls in green and pink.

  6. thank you for all the sweet comments! we couldn't be happier!

    and whitney...i found that picture on your blog. what a gorgeous nursery!