Sunday, January 10, 2010

weekend so far...

i hope you are having a great sunday! we have had a good weekend...friday night we went to red lobster with mom and les. have you tried their woodfire grilled shrimp? so good.

today mom and i showed an almost 100 year old home that had so much character and natural light (do i sound like the silly realtors on househunters? hehe) but it was such a cool house with wood paneling everywhere and gorgeous trees on the property. here i am yesterday morning at 38 weeks! after showing the house, we went to julie's baby shower. it was so cute! animal themed with little animals as centerpieces and precious chocolate dipped oreo cookies with animal faces for the favors.

bethenie made this cake. it was beautiful and tasted so good! i am quite impressed!

here's the food and snacks table that i helped myself to a couple of times ;)

julie, bethenie, and olivia. she's due with her baby boy, max sawyer, just 2 weeks after me!

after the shower, we went to tim and kali's new house for fajitas. i didn't get any pictures because i was so tired by that time, plus i wore pajamas over there, so not a good combo for pics! but the fajitas were delish and we had choc. chip cookies for dessert- a personal favorite!

this morning started off a little rough...i hate waking up and already feeling bad/tired/achy/swollen. so i was a bit emotional this morning (poor sweet mike) but the biscuit sandwich he made for me seemed to make things much better!

this is part of the little surprise i was working on last week. i had mike's monogram engraved on a memory box with cuff links inside that say 'dad'

and i went to practically pikasso and painted him a coffee says 'daddy 2010' on the front and 'love danielle & sadie' on the back

we just got cooper and henry groomed, and i just love snuggling with them when they are all clean. the camera scares them a little, can you tell?

and we continue to receive such beautiful gifts for sadie from friends and clients. this little girl is going to be set with clothes, shoes, and toys for a long time!


  1. I'm sorry you had a rough morning! Not much longer until you're not pregnant ~ you'll feel more comfortable and be able to hold your baby in your arms. The gifts for Mike were really sweet! I'm sure he loved them.

  2. You look great pregnant! Not much longer and you'll feel much better. What sweet gifts you gave your hubby.

  3. sounds like you had a fun weekend! julie's shower sounds like it went well. i bet mike loved his gifts. the cup is so cute! you never know...this may have been your last weekend pregnant!

  4. Cute pictures! Love the gifts for Mike and I know he felt special! Not much longer and you will be that trim little Mom and no more swelling! Enjoy and rest! (easier said than done)