Thursday, January 7, 2010

the forecast is COLD

i am dreaming of warm weather. i am not a winter person at all. the layers upon layers of clothing needed to just get out the makes me hot and itchy before i even leave the house. so as we are watching the weather channel and seeing that the wind chill is going to be -5 degrees in the morning, i am thinking of summer. summer is so great; no layers of clothes, you can live in sundresses and flip flops and if you get hot, you can jump in the pool!
these are pics of us in palm springs. we went here in the summer of '08 and it was so hot! even a little hot for me. like 110-115 degrees hot! i am hoping to go on a fun trip this summer, probably a lot closer to home, but maybe renting a beach house for a few days. i can't wait for sadie to be a little water baby...i hope she will be like her mommy and daddy!
totally off subject, but i'm thinking of some new goals for 2010. a few things i want to change this year and some new things to implement in my life...
*relax and enjoy each moment-i am usually so busy planning or organizing or scheduling things in my head that i miss out on just living in the present. this is especially important to me right now because i want to enjoy each second with sadie and be ok with a messy house, loads of laundry to do, etc...
*be a better friend-call more often, plan more fun things to do, take more time to listen
*de-stress-take a tip from my sister and try not to think too much! i overthink most everything, but i already feel freer just being determined to quit thinking :)
*closely follow a personal and family bible study schedule-why do we let the most important things get pushed to the back sometimes? make it fun and interesting, not just something to get through
*focus on our family-together, mike and i have decided to focus on our new little family of 3 and not let everyone else's drama or problems fill our time and minds
it's a new year that will be one of the most exciting in my life. i can't wait!


  1. D- Your pictures are just dreamy! It's snow covered here, no school. I love to cozy up, but I would much rather be in your pictures! :) Your 2010 goals sound great...I reread them because they are exactly what I need to strive for as well! Here's to a relaxed 2010! And only a few more weeks for you! Yippee!

  2. i want summer so bad i can't stand it! won't it be fun to take sadie swimming and to the park--i cant wait!!!

  3. I loved your hair in that pic. Super cute!

  4. What a beautiful post! Love the pictures and can't you see Sadie in that little swimsuit from Naples???

    What meaningful girls never cease to amaze me! I must have done something right?!no, I just had great subjects!

    What a cute song about bubbles...