Monday, January 11, 2010


mike said i should blog about fake stuff this morning, so i am.

when i told him i was posting this self-timer picture of us, he asked how it turned out. i told him it was good, but he was doing his fake smile. he said "i know i was, but with all the pressure of the self-timer i just couldn't smile my real smile " pretty funny huh?! then he told me it was kind of like my fake laugh. i have a fake laugh. i use it quite often. sometimes i don't even know i'm doing it and other people tell me "you're doing your fake laugh danielle." i like to think it's my way of being polite and courteous to others. even when i don't think something is funny, i give a little chuckle. or to fill a silence, sometimes i giggle.

and fake labor...i've been having a lot of it lately. mainly horrible period cramps in my back and braxton hicks contractions. but i think sadie understands she needs to wait until after wednesday to come because mama's gotta get her roots touched up. i refuse to have dark roots in pictures! and i've given susanne serious instructions to put bronzer and lip gloss on me when i start pushing! (you think i'm kidding? no.)

so here is our picture. i still think it turned out pretty good! this week i'm determined to get a few more pics of us together before we become parents...

last night, we had sarah and eric over for hot chocolate, snacks , and blokus. it was so much fun, but again, i didn't take any pictures!

and last night was the season premiere of chuck-one of the best shows ever! so we're going to watch it tonight. so excited. plus american idol starts tommorrow. i can't decide if i want to devote 6 hours a week to this or not. mike says he's not watching because they did paula wrong.

if you haven't ever seen chuck, promise me you'll watch it!

happy monday ;)


  1. Love the pix of the two (ummmm....3?) of you! You are so funny about the bronzer and lip gloss! I was also this way. I had my gloss on and my hair was highlighted, etc. then, I looked at my eyes. I had put on the waterproof mascara, but not the waterproof eyeliner! Hello raccoon eyes! :( That was with Laney. You better believe that I didn't make the same mistake with Henry! :0 You look fantastic!

  2. I'm glad to find a Chuck friend! I love it! Oh, and one day would you please do a makeup and hairstyle post? You always have the best makeup and cutest hairstyles! I just love it when you post pics! Too cute!

  3. mike's fake smile just cracked me up & his comment about the pressure!
    how am i going to hold a video, camera, bronzer and lip gloss??? just kidding--we'll fix you all up!

  4. How funny! Les says I have a little chuckle too--I think he thinks it's fake too. Must be inherited!

    I better include some cosmetics in "my hospital emergency bag". You will be a cute laboring Mom.