Thursday, January 28, 2010

2 week check up

here we are before sadie's 2 week check up!
she's doing great. gaining weight and looking good...
and when you're a brand new (slightly paranoid) parent, it is SO nice to have a wonderful, laid back pediatrician who reassures you that everything's fine.
can i just tell you what wonderful dinners we've had the past 2 weeks? i can't wait to see what we're eating each's quite exciting!
tonight is my aunt vicki's homemade lasagna, salad, green beans, garlic toast, and banana pudding. don't you want to come over?!


  1. Yes I do!!!! What time is dinner? HAHAHA. So glad Sadie is doing well!

  2. I love having a yummy dinner, especially when someone else makes it for you...awesome! Happy 2 weeks!!!

  3. so glad you're not having to worry with cooking. you both look darling! glad sadie's visit went well.

  4. Danielle! You look fantastic. It's amazing to think that you gave birth less than a month ago. I'm so impressed. You are beautiful.