Tuesday, January 26, 2010

i {heart} target

i went to target today, and it was so fantastic!! mom and sadie stayed in the car while i leisurely shopped for some clothes, a few groceries, and lots of baby stuff.

gorgeous sunny day + sadie sleeping 4 hours straight last night=happiness

here we are before leaving for target...

i stopped by mike's bank to say hi and get some money, and all the tellers were upset i didn't bring sadie in to see them! i don't know when you took your babies out in public, but i'm thinking it will be another 2 weeks before i do.
on a different note-are you watching american idol? i have really loved the guest judges this season. such a good idea! and LOST starts in a few days!!! i can't wait.
happy tuesday everybody!


  1. i'm so glad you got to get out and go to one of the "happiest places" there is! a little sleep can completely change your life, right?

  2. Wow! You look amazing...Sadie looks adorable, and you got to Target? Yeah!

    I've been watching AI too! My hubs started watching with me (a first) and it is so much fun to have someone to laugh with! :)

    Looks like you had a nice day!

  3. I follow your blog and was so excited to check in to see Sadie is here. With a 7 month old little girl, I have to say...wow girl...you look great! Love Miss Sadie's bow too.

    p.s. What lip gloss do you wear? Love that color...it looks so natural.

  4. I just came upon your blog and had to say that your daughter is precious and sooo adorable! I love her little hair accessories! Congratulations!!

  5. thx girls for the sweet comments!

    jess...i wear lancome juicy tubes gloss. i think the color i had on was creme brulee. that color is from one of their holiday collections, but i love ALL the colors. they're sheer but have enough color and aren't too sticky either!