Friday, January 22, 2010

sleep sweet sleep

just today i finally feel a little like myself again! sleep deprivation does crazy things to you, huh?! i haven't been able to form a coherent sentence in 6 days, but today i actually feel a little rested and i think i'm making sense again. haha!
miss sadie is doing great. we don't seem to get tired of snuggling and kissing her. she is just the sweetest, most lovable baby!
and i can't believe i haven't posted a picture of her and her daddy...mike has been so wonderful and helpful this week. i'm so thankful he took a week off of work so our little family could be together. doesn't he look proud?
happy friday (it is friday right?)


  1. She's just beautiful! Glad you are feeling like yourself again. I think it takes about 6 months to fully get used to being a Mommy but it sounds like you are off to a great start. I love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing Sadie with all of your readers:) ~ maria from ohio

    ps sorry my profile shows up as numbers. typepad is working on it.

  2. So, so beautiful! Yes, the most difficult thing for me after baby was lack of sleep, but it goes away soon, soon and it's sooo worth it! :)

  3. Sadie is absolutely beautiful! I know how proud you and daddy Mike must be! She is adorable.

    Don't worry you'll eventually get some sleep! It's hard at first, but it's a sacrifice you'd make a thousand times. The joy and love you get from your child are well worth it!


  4. So glad you all are doing well. The lack of sleep will get better! What a beautiful baby!!