Sunday, January 3, 2010

deep thoughts

this is what we had for dinner last night. turkey, provolone, red pepper, and pesto paninis. i was going to make them on thursday night, but mike brought home stuff for steaks and baked potatoes, and i sure wasn't going to argue with about him cooking! then friday night, my mom had us over for yummy hamburgers and a game of blokus. have you played blokus? we're pretty much addicted. so last night i finally made the paninis and they were good.
today was such a nice day! our lesson at the meeting today was about prayer. what kind of attitude we should have when we pray, what we should pray for, and self-examination as to what our prayers show about us. i was thinking, i have a tendency to become pretty selfish in my prayers. i mean i pray for other people who are going through trials, but a lot of the time i pray for personal concerns. i want to focus more on praying for the coming of God's kingdom and even praying for people i may not feel that close to...that i can work in harmony with my prayers to reach out and be a better friend to them. and to remember to say prayers of thanksgiving too! i know that's a deep subject but it's what was on my heart today.
now back to food...hehe! we had plans to eat at chuy's for an early dinner. i really didn't care what i ate for dinner, i totally just wanted the fried ice cream. but for some reason, our new chuy's does not have fried ice cream. what?? so i had to settle for a sopapilla with a side of vanilla ice cream. not the same, but still good. oh and i had the appetizer plate for my dinner-chicken flautas, quesadillas, nachos, and queso. so healthy right?!
i am now in my flannel pajama bottoms and mike's 15 year old sweatshirt that we both race to the closet to put on when it's cold. it is the best, most perfectly soft sweatshirt ever and it makes me very happy. we are supposed to get some really chilly weather here this week. like in the 20s, which is cold for central texas! i'm looking forward to drinking hot chocolate and reading, plus i'm starting a new hobby this week...finger knitting. i've been inspired to try it, so we'll see how it goes.
happy sunday to you!


  1. i just loved that lesson too! especially about praying for those you're not very fond of. wouldn't that be good if we all did that?
    those sandwiches look wonderful!
    and chuy's sounds delicious--but what's with the no fried ice cream? that's just wrong!

  2. Girlie, this post is making me hungry!