Wednesday, January 20, 2010

so grateful

this was the view from our backyard of the sunset last night. it was just gorgeous and makes me think how beautiful life and creation is!mike and i are overwhelmed with gratitude for all the help, good wishes, food, flowers, and gifts we have received these last few days. what a wonderful thing it is to have such loving family and friends. my mom, susanne, jennifer, and kali were so much encouragement during labor and delivery. mike's parents were so helpful too! we appreciate the visits of friends in the hospital and at home, and we have had dinners provided for us each night which we are so thankful for.

here is sadie with her nana right before leaving the hospital! i need to get one with her and her nama too (mike's mom)
and here are sadie and I with zia


  1. Such a lovely sunset. It definitely looks like you have so much to be grateful for! God is good! You are such a beautiful family!

  2. wish i was there to help you more!
    mckinlee took pictures of sadie with her to school today to show her off!

  3. I think I have check your blog like 5 times a day this week always hoping for updates :) Congratulations on Sadie, she is SOOO precious and makes me so excited for my little girl to get here in 2 months!!

  4. She is too cute with that bow~ I love the toile outfit too!!!

  5. Beautiful! You look great!!!! So happy for you!