Saturday, August 1, 2009

trip to plano

mom and i went to susanne's for a couple of days (actually she's still there...i came back yesterday) before susanne and chris' big anniversary trip here. they leave in a week!

we had so much fun relaxing, shopping, and eating!
yesterday we went to Freddy's Frozen Custard for lunch. they had the best cheeseburgers and shoestring fries. the meat in the cheeseburger was so good, not a huge hunk of beef, but thin and flavorful. and of course we had to split a chocolate frozen custard. yum!
the inside of the restaurant reminded me of an old diner. very cute!

yesterday morning, mckinlee was very generously giving away some of her 72 (yep, that's right) tubes of lipgloss. what a girly girl! i think she was being so generous and giving her old ones away, so she could buy more {wink}!

on thursday, we went to central market. oh how i wish we had a central market. the rows of organic goodness make me so happy. these were jars of different kinds of salts...

mck and i in the coffee aisle...

look at all the choices!

mom, susanne, and mckinlee at the cafe... central market and whole foods always overwhelm me with their food choices for lunch! everything looks wonderful and it's so hard to decide what to eat!

i finally decided on chicken salad with cilantro and wonderful chicken tamale chowder.
thanks girls for a fun time!!


  1. you got some great pictures! i'm glad you came~we had fun (as usual!)

  2. Central Market looks like a neat place! Times with the girls are always wonderful!

  3. What a fun time we had! Cute pictures and aren't you organized with your meals! yummmm...