Thursday, August 27, 2009

thursday morning thoughts

baby schmidt and i are listening to this cd this morning! i love classical music and want the baby to appreciate it calms me down, and i hope it will calm the baby! baby s is moving so much now. i first felt some flutters around 15 weeks, but this week (18), i feel movement every day and it's getting stronger. it makes me so appreciate the miracle of creation!

my sister brought me this beautiful willow tree figure last week. it's called 'cherish-awaitng a miracle' and i LOVE it! it was so special to me because i feel like this baby is such a miracle and was wanted so much (someday i will share the story of our journey to pregnancy) so this present meant a lot! thank you susanne.and speaking of susanne, my wonderful sister, you HAVE to check out her blog! she's posting pictures of her vacation to Maroma Beach and they are GORGEOUS!


  1. that's so neat you can feel the baby moving now! i'm so glad you like the willow tree figure--i think they're just classic and beautiful. thanks for the plug on my blog too!

  2. Ahhhh...feeling the baby move...Isn't it the BEST feeling ever?