Sunday, August 16, 2009

weekend pics

we went out to dinner last here are our funny poses before going...
we went to chili's and i was craving some appetizers so i got the triple dippers with mini hamburgers, spinach/artichoke dip, and southwestern egg rolls. yum! but oh my, did i pay for it later...indigestion for hours (sorry if that's tmi ;)
here i am at 17 weeks!

loved this one of mom and mckinlee. mom was doing an open house this afternoon for a house mike and i built to sell, and mckinlee was her little assistant, so we took a couple of pics while we were there.

and i made a tiny ponytail in mike's hair. funny, huh?! he's gonna hate that i put this pic on the blog...hehe!


  1. Cute pictures! My husband and I build houses also (and he's a mortgage banker!) for sale...hope your market is doing better than ours. Thankfully, we are building in the affordable first time homebuyer range!


  2. Funny pictures! You are so cute!