Monday, August 10, 2009

monday yummies and 16 weeks

i have been in the kitchen all afternoon and it feels good! here are pictures of the potato basil frittata and the chicken stew with biscuits. both were yum!
here's the link for the chicken stew and biscuits recipe...
and here i am at 16 weeks...dr's appt. in the morning! i'm thinking of talking my way into an ultrasound so we can see if this little baby is a boy or a girl!! i'll probably just have to be patient though and wait...


  1. Wow! This is not meant to be mean - but your belly is huge! LOL You look really cute. Also, I've heard if you do the ultrasound too early, then they could be wrong about whether it's a boy or a girl. The closer you are to 20 weeks the more accurate it is. But it's hard to wait.

  2. You are simply beautiful! And look at those yummies! Thanks for sharing your recipes! I also love the B. Con.! (and her real life kitchen is to die for..ha)!