Sunday, August 9, 2009

menu for the week

we saw this movie on friday...if you are a foodie or even if you're not, i think you will enjoy! (except for the few bits of bad language...why can't that be left out?)

it inspired me. i love to cook, but like anybody, some weeks i get into a rut of cooking easy or quick things and not challenging myself. this story was all about challenging yourself.

so for my menu this week, i am making a few challenging things and a few easy things. but i'm going to enjoy the experience, instead of just cooking the food!

breakfast-potato basil frittata
dinner- homemade chicken stew and biscuits
breakfast- frittata
dinner-chicken vesuvio
roasted asparagus with parmesan
breakfast-herbed scrambled eggs with hashed browns
dinner- leftover chicken stew & biscuits
breakfast-oatmeal with fresh strawberries
dinner-stuffed baked potato with ground beef and cheese
breakfast-bagels w/homemade veggie cream cheese
dinner-salmon w/puff pastry and pesto
tossed greens
breafast-bagels and cream cheese
dinner-eat out
breakfast- french toast with honey & orange zest, scrambled eggs
dinner- grilled cheese and chicken soup
enjoy your week!


  1. Watched the movie Friday, I loved it!!! Have fun cooking!

  2. I saw the movie on Friday too, and LOVED it!! Your meal plan for the week sounds delicious!

    Have a great week,

  3. Your meals put mine (way) to shame! They sound delish! I'm always going to ask for a recipe...If you don't mind, how do you make your chicken stew? Sounds yummy! (Girl, it all does)! :)

  4. You are something! Hopefully I will be inspired to cook like you someday! The movie reminded me of you!