Monday, July 27, 2009

14 weeks

yay for energy!! i finally have some again...although i still sneak a little nap in the afternoon, i'm not overwhelmingly exhausted like i have been. it's 10pm and we just went for a 45 minute walk AND i'm making streusel i feel sort of like myself again!

i still feel like my emotions are on overdrive though...maybe that's due to continued surging hormones. oh well!

i just watched the end of the bachelorette. i didn't watch it this season even though i think jillian is such a cutie-i just never got into it. but it seemed like she really loves ed. i hope it works out for them and they actually get married.
i hope you had a good weekend. ours was pretty relaxed. i attempted to make a roast on friday's so funny because as much as i cook and love cooking and attempt hard/challenging recipes, roasts intimidate me! but it turned out pretty good, although my carrots were still crunchy and i had to microwave the potatoes after an HOUR of baking them. hmmm...
saturday, we had the rosas and barcos over and the guys grilled chicken fajitas. they were yum! then we watched dances with wolves on amc...random, huh?!
last night, i seriously needed to get out of the house even though i wasn't really in the mood to, so mike said to get ready and he was taking me to barnes & noble. we read magazines and i got a decaf vanilla latte...just what i needed.
i better go check on my muffins...see ya!


  1. It sounds like you've had a lovely few days! When I was pregnant, I always tried to sneak in little naps! It was great to put my feet up and dive into decorating magazines! :)

    And who doesn't love Barnes and Noble?!!!! We still make family trips there...something for everyone in that store! (and I'm sooo a sucker for a good book or two...for the children as well)! Starbucks too? Perfect!

    You look adorable!

  2. you look darling! i was waiting for this week's picture. don't you just love barnes & noble? when i walk in there and all those books are surrounding me, i just feel so peaceful. glad you have some energy back!

  3. Tell you a little secret...all pregnant women get a little extra emotional...just getting you ready to really calm down for the "real thing" will do fine and you couldn't look cuter!!!