Monday, July 20, 2009

weekend trip

what a weekend we had! mike and i and mom and les left for san antonio around 1 pm on friday afternoon. we got stuck in austin traffic for forever (don't people work until 5 pm??) it was like rush hour traffic at 2:45 in the afternoon! we finally made it to san antonio and got checked in...we ended up staying at the marriott rivercenter. i wanted to stay at the watermark but it was a little expensive for this trip...still the marriott was NOT cheap, so i was expecting a huge beautiful room. not so. the room was clean but it smelled musty and could barely fit the bed and tv cabinet. oh well! so we went to paesano's to eat dinner. it was fantastic!! wonderful italian food and a great atmosphere, plus we brought our ticket from the hotel concierge and got free dessert. then we walked along the riverwalk but it was so dirty and gross and people 8 pm our group was over san antonio and ready to leave! hehe so mike called a client who's a hotel owner and we got rooms at the staybridge suites in north austin for saturday night. he paid for both of our rooms as a 'congratulations on the baby' present!

so saturday morning we had a wonderful free breakfast at the marriott (omelets, fruit, biscuits, bacon, potatoes) and then went to see an IMAX Deep Sea movie...very very good! then we walked to the Alamo and around the are some pics...
beautiful koi in a pond on the alamo grounds

look at the line behind mom and les! it was 1/2 a mile way were we standing in 105 degree heat for an hour to see inside.

you can't see all the plastic cups, leaves, trash floating in the water in this pic!
so then after the Alamo, we headed to NorthStar Mall where every citizen of San Antonio was shopping on Saturday...i was hot, tired of walking, and nearing a panic attack, so mike and i went to the car while mom and les got some lunch. we got in the car and turned on the air on to cool down, then mike noticed little bugs crawling all over the floorboards of les' car. so we both jump out of the car to see what kind of bugs they are...and they were SPIDERS! hundreds of tiny, fast, scary spiders crawling ALL OVER les' car. we started pulling the mats out of the car and trying to kill the spiders but they were so fast! mike said we'd have to bug spray the whole car at which point i said there was no way i was riding from san antonio to austin, pregnant, in a pesticide sprayed vehicle. so being the smart man my hubby is, he said HAIR SPRAY...we'll kill them with hair spray. so he sprayed the whole car with hairspray and we killed around 300 spiders. mom and les came back to the car and we killed more spiders all the way to austin.
then we finally get to austin, arrive at our hotel and mike and les go in to check-in...mike comes back to the car and says you're not gonna want to stay...the power is out! no air or lights. the management assures us that it will be fixed within a couple of hours, so we go eat dinner at Saltgrass and come back, and still no power. we are in the process of getting a room at their sister hotel, when the power comes back on. so we stayed and thankfully our room cooled down very fast, and the hotel was gorgeous! brand new, clean, big rooms, and a little kitchen in each room! sunday we shopped and ate dinner at BJ's and ended our weekend on a great note! but wow...what a weekend!

and finally, here i am at 13 weeks!


  1. Looks like you had a great weekend(despite all the adventures)! I was born in Austin, but only lived there until I was 3 years old.

    Love your blog, and congrats on your pregnancy!


  2. Nini, I still can't believe it's just one!!! Right when you find out if it's a boy or a girl you have to tell us!!!


  3. Hey! It makes me tired just reading about your weekend! haha! Sorry there was one thing after another and the spider thing is crazy! I can't believe how much you're showing now! 2nd trimester! See ya soon.

  4. Sounds like your trip definitely didn't go as planned, but maybe you can smile if you write it down in your baby's book : The places you traveled to. :)

    You are such a cutie pregnant gal!

  5. I couldn't have said it better myself! I did have fun although it was a little traumatic!!! First
    time I've relaxed in a while....

  6. oh my goodness! i laughed so hard reading about the spiders. i can just see you escaping the mall only to face hundreds of spiders! glad you had some fun though~you look cute as usual and your skin is beautiful! looks like your new regime is working!!!

  7. thanks for all the sweet comments girlies!