Wednesday, July 15, 2009

our 12 week appt.

(this is the first pic i've seen where i i look really pregnant...except for my weekly belly pics, of course)

yesterday morning, we had our 12 week appt. with my doctor...first, can i just say how much i love him! he is just the right combination of informative and funny, serious and laid back...which meshes so well with us!

so he put the little doppler on my stomach and we heard our baby's heartbeat for the first time! i had seen the heartbeat 2 times before, but hadn't heard it yet. wow!! what an experience. it was so strong and steady at 156 beats per minute. mike was so excited to hear it too. then dr. b. answered my long list of questions and we set up the date and time for our 4 month appt.
so we can chill and let this little one grow for 4 more weeks until we go again!

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  1. you are so cute! and yay for a good heartbeat!!