Monday, January 24, 2011

stir crazy

i think i am going a little stir crazy...i'm not a person who has to be out doing things all day long, because i do enjoy being home, BUT i have been home for the better part of 5 days now. like i've run to the grocery store or the bank and that's about it. all three of us have colds. and sweet sadie is the least crankiest of all of us!!
it started with sadie getting a runny nose and sneezing thursday, then i got started getting sick on friday and felt horrible all weekend, then mike started feeling bad saturday night. hopefully we'll all be better in a couple days and we can do some fun things later this week.
but for are some random pics that made me smile.
1. sadie's dinner-we had fish tacos. i got her plate all ready and put it on the table where mike had a beer sitting, so it looks like sadie was going to have a miller lite with her fish tacos. ha!! 2. sadie showing me her new dump truck, which she loves. except the poor thing has been photographed so much that she knows the flash is coming so she squints or closes her eyes completely!

3. my big girl in pigtails!! i think this makes her look like such a toddler instead of a baby.

i hope you're having a great monday! i'm off to dry my hair and drink my hot tea and take some alka seltzer. fun!

oooh-tonight i worked on a little project for my scraproom/sadie's playroom. i will show pictures as soon as i finish it!


  1. those pictures are so funny--i was dying at the beer one. too hysterical!
    sorry you've been feeling so bad. i hope you all feel better soon and can get out of the house.
    can't wait to see your project--i knew it would be done within a few days! (why can't i be like that?????)

  2. I am totally going stir crazy too. hopefully everyone starts feeling better. I could have written this post too.

  3. Cute, cute pictures! Love the one of Sadie sqinting...Hope everyone feels better soon!!!