Monday, January 31, 2011

date night

this first picture was us exactly one year ago on our first date night as parents! sadie was 2 weeks old, mike and i were both extremely sleep deprived, and i remember going to outback thinking 'i feel like i should still be pregnant. this is so weird.'
i think we talked about her the whole time! we were still in the first stages of what a *wonderful* but shocking change a baby makes upon your lives. and here we are exactly one year later. older, wiser, and more rested! ha!
we still talked about her some, but also just spent some time talking as a couple. i think that it is SO important to keep your marriage a priority even though at home all of our attention is on her (while she's awake anyway ;)
we are trying to be better about scheduling time for just us, and making it fun! (not just talking about bills and groceries and boring stuff like that)

thank you mom and les for babysitting on both date nights!!


  1. What a difference a year makes! Glad you enjoyed yourselves. Our pleasure to babsit that little DOLL!

  2. holy cow- that picture when you first had her- you dont even look like you just had a baby! happy date nights- we need more of those!

  3. wow! a year goes by so fast. you look great in both pictures!!