Friday, January 7, 2011

front tooth

this little one kept me up for 2 hours early this morning. i couldn't figure out why she was so sleepy but wouldn't go back to sleep?

the answer: she cut her 3rd tooth. yippee! we were starting to wonder if she was only going to have 2 bottom teeth forever. hehe :) it's her left front tooth, and the right one is about to poke through also. plus she's got 2 more bottom teeth that she's close to cutting. so i guess she'll go from 2 teeth to 6 teeth very soon!

happy weekend.


  1. love that picture! can't wait to see her new little toofy!

  2. can't wait to see all those teeth!!!

  3. So cute....and they look so different with their teeth...then look so different when they lose them all...and again as they "grow into" their new teeth! S always looks like she's having a ball of a time! AND said that Laney looked like me in a pix...the ONLY person who says that Laney looks like me is my BFF...known her since we were 3! This got my mom wondering, so she pulled out my childhood pix...sure enuf...we do! And everyone else thinks Laney is a mini-Jon! :) Have a great weekend!