Thursday, January 20, 2011

can't believe...

she's already 1!
she has SOOO much personality now, i could write a book!
her vocabulary has increased quite a bit just in the last two weeks and she understands just about everything i say to her.
we went to her 12 mo. check up on tuesday and she weighs 23.9 pounds and is 32 1/2 inches long. at the top of the chart for height!
i can't get her to stay still long enough for a picture now, so this is the best i could do!
yesterday, i put her baby gate up in her room to let her play independently for a little bit. at first she cried, then got really quiet. when i came in to check on her, she was lifting the lid of her diaper genie and sticking her hand in the plastic. yuck! but she thought it was funny.
how can i scold her with a face like that?!


  1. Happy 1 year to Little Miss Adorable S! And I'm officially going to have Henry hit the gym...he only is 25 pounds! Weights should work! :)

  2. Little Miss Inquisitive! Such a doll! love her, love her!!!

  3. how funny! i'm surprised she wasn't saying "no ma'am." :) love that picture of her!

  4. Happy 1 year to her! Shes too precious for words! That last pic of her is adorable!

  5. Aww! She's so cute!! Happy 1st Birthday to Sadie =)