Wednesday, May 13, 2009


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tommorrow morning we are leaving for VACATION! yea! mike and i are so ready to relax and not think about real life for awhile. this week has been a hard one...just a lot of stuff going on that is making us both stressed.

you know i'm one of those people who likes to plan. from elementary school through high school, i would plan what outfits i was going to wear the next day to school. (funny i know) i still do that now. i like to plan my meals in advance. i plan each day even if i don't have anything i HAVE to do...i like to be prepared and in control. but lately life has shown me that you can't plan everything. you may think your life is going to be one way and it turns out totally different. but sometimes that can be good. it can teach you flexibility, patience, and understanding. all qualities i am working on.

so this weekend, go do something unplanned.

i think i will too.

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