Thursday, May 21, 2009


hi blog! i've missed you!!

so mike and i were scheduled to fly home on tuesday morning and be home before lunchtime. but the day before we left mom said that she didn't think she could drive home from naples to waco by herself, since she's been sick and not feeling the greatest. (she and les have two cars there and each had to drive one back) and could i drive with her? of course, i would! she would have done the same for me in a second!

but any of you who know me well know that i get EXTREMELY carsick on a weekly basis. i never was carsick when i was little (it was always susanne that got sick) but in the last several years, it's gotten to be really the thought of being in a car for 23 hours and 1300 miles was not my kind of fun! but you know what...we did great! i tried to stay relaxed and i drove most of the time so i wouldn't feel sick. we got a book on cd to listen to and plenty of music too. we stopped in some cool places...pensacola and baton rouge...and tried to make it a fun trip.

it stopped being fun around 8 pm last night when we had driven all day again and were somewhere between conroe and waco. i was so tired and both our backs were aching from sitting in the same position all day. so i prayed to just let me get through it and get home. a little while later, one of mom's hilarious friends called and we talked to her for awhile...she helped get my mind off the drive and think about something else. by the time she hung up, we were only 15 minutes from home!

i don't know if my bed has ever felt so good as it did last night. i sunk into it and went to sleep for about 9 hours. and woke up to a beautiful morning here. so i'm back and will try to post some pics from our trip this weekend.

oh!!! i am LOVING this song...check out the video here !

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