Sunday, May 17, 2009

loving the vaca!

here i am reading at the beach today. don't you love my fat belly hanging over my swimsuit bottom?! ha!
hi! we are loving naples despite it raining every day! we went to the beach today and yesterday and got some much needed sun. mom and i went shopping here on friday. the coolest shops and a beautiful setting. we also ate here last night....yum yum! i had the halibut and it was fantastic.

tonight i'm making shrimp fettucine in a lemon/olive oil sauce with sauteed spinach. and i made a tiramisu for dessert. we get to meet staci's husband and kids tonight, so that should be fun!

i'll post all our pics when we get back!

{hugs from naples}


  1. you're funny! glad you are having a fun time. the water looks beautiful!