Wednesday, May 27, 2009

5 weeks

i was exactly 5 weeks when mike took this picture! we have our first ob appt. and sonogram on june 15th. so excited and ready for it. i can't wait to hear this little baby's heartbeat.
it is a gorgeous day here. sunny and bright. i've been waiting all week for the rain that the weatherman says is coming, but i haven't seen it yet thankfully.
we had such a nice day on monday...brett and savanah and kathy and dennis came over. savanah brought her new shitzu, lola belle, who is the cutest thing i have ever seen! we went to the pool and the guys played tennis. then we went to mcalister's for some lunch (i wanted their iced tea so bad, but i'm trying to do the no caffeine thing!) we just relaxed the rest of the day and i made a yummy dinner...spaghetti with lemon/olive oil sauce with salmon and spinach.


  1. Would you be willing to share that recipe? Sojnds delicious! And VERY healthy.

  2. Congratulations all the best! Staying away from caffeine sounds like a healthy choice.

  3. look how cute you are! oh how i love mcalister's tea--wish i had some now!