Sunday, May 10, 2009

fUn wEekeNd!

lyndsay stopped by to give me a beautiful thank you card. and its her first handmade card! thanks girly!
friday night we went to se cocina for dinner. we ALL got grandma's tacos...which i think is the best item on the menu. yum!

saturday we went to aaron and peggy's. we went out on the river in aaron's boat and watched him do barefoot tricks. kevin decided to try and barefoot and got up and skiied on his first try. way to go kev! i sliced my finger open on the metal cable that holds the boat up in the boat house and started bleeding on my cute j.crew cover up. but other than that, we had an awesome time. we grilled burgers and sat on the dock. then watched a movie while the guys played ping pong. so fun!

and here's the cutest little shelf i found at spice on saturday. i wanted a black iron vintage looking shelf for my scrapbook room and can't believe i got it for only $20!
hope you had a great weekend!


  1. Looks like a great weekend!


  2. LOVE that shelf! can't believe you got it for $20. looks like you guys had a great time. have you been to kelly's Korner lately? go and look at her tablecloth for their sunday lunch. look familiar???

  3. Wow! You all look so pretty and handsome! I know you had a fun time and what a cute shelf! Is your finger alright?

  4. Very cute shelf! I guess you are going to have to go with me to Spice....Because everytime I go there I can never find anything that inexpensive. You must know where the deals are! =)