Thursday, May 7, 2009

50TH POST!!!

i hope you're having a great thursday! mine was filled with cleaning and laundry. and my last nutrition final. yippee! we are getting ready for company this weekend. 4 of our friends from austin are coming tomorrow and staying for the weekend. we have lots of fun things planned. se cocina for dinner tomorrow night, cafe cappucino for brunch saturday, and i made a salami/colby jack frittata for breakfast sunday with fresh fruit and warm croissants. can you tell i think about food all the time?! we can't wait to catch up with them, talk, drink wine, and have fun on aaron and peggy's boat sat. afternoon. i'll try to take some good pics!

for now, here are a couple of random pics around our house...enjoy.

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  1. Love all your enthusiasm! You make everything so cute and exciting!