Thursday, April 16, 2009


these are my top 3 scents for my home...
1} volcano candle from anthropologie...smells fruity and fresh and makes me feel like i'm shopping in the store (one of my favorite places to go)
2} tommy bahama tin candles...i can close my eyes and really feel like i'm back in kauai on a breezy day
3} satsuma oil from the body shop...energizing and always makes me think of susanne's house
so go treat yourself with one of these yummy smells!


  1. you post the prettiest pictures on your blog! i just had my satsuma oil going this afternoon-love it!

  2. I posted this the other night, but evidently I didn't do it correctly! Imagine that?!

    Anyway, I love your fun items and the fragrances are wonderful. I have Fiji Sands from Tommy Bahamas--it makes me feel tropical! We will have to shop there when you and Mike come! Can't wait!!!!