Saturday, April 18, 2009

rainy day

today was the perfect rainy day. dark, windy, and stormy all morning. i took today off from everything else to do some spring cleaning. things i had been putting off for organizing and cleaning out closets, changing my winter clothes to summer clothes in our closet, and cleaning my baseboards.

also, my floors. why do i hate to do floors so much? i vacuum regularly. but mop, no... rarely. i think it's inherited, my dislike of cleaning floors. my mom hates to mop i'm pretty sure she passed that down to me.

so you're wondering why i put a picture of mike and i at the top of my post, right? it's to remember how much i love him. like tonight...we went to eat and had a great dinner. then stopped by the bookstore (he got a clive cussler book, i got tori spelling's new mommywood..looks cute!)
so we're having a nice time and then he says something rude...something that was not necessary and irritated me. then he tries to talk to me and pretend nothing is add in a hormonal me who is tired from all my cleaning and mopping and you have got yourself a SITUATION! so i added the picture at the top to remind myself what a wonderful husband he is (most of the time :)

listen to
rainy day plain white t's


  1. That is too funny!! Don't you just hate when they do things like that and it irritates you so bad, then I think how could I live without him....(Jason, I mean, not Mike haha). Anyway, I have so been there too.

    I had that same book in my hand last night at Target, then put it back b/c I realized I didn't have enough cash on me and I for sure wasn't putting back my batteries for my flashlights & weather radio! was a weather alert day.

    Ok sorry this was such a long comment....

  2. hehe! i got the book at books a million which had it discounted 10%! it looks really funny!

    tonja said you were sick...i hope you feel better:)

  3. what a good wife you are! i do the same thing too. (great picture of you two if i do say so myself!)

  4. just to clarify...not that i have anything to do with how good you both look. i just meant i took the picture!

  5. hehe! i knew what you meant! and it is a good pic...i actually have my mouth closed for once ;)