Wednesday, April 29, 2009

i {heart} free stuff

after such a fun week at susanne's, i came back to my house to find a box on the front door. let me just tell you i LOVE getting packages in the mail! finding a little box on my front porch is almost as fun as seeing what's inside to me!!

so when i saw the box i had a pretty good idea of what it was...can you tell from the picture?! you see, last week i won it after entering a giveaway at a blog i read. i never win ANYTHING, so this was so exciting. except, like 5 years ago, at mike's old bank's open house, i won a TV. yea a TV...and the stinking president of the bank wouldn't let me keep it because i was married to an employee. i was robbed i tell ya.

back to my i entered this giveaway but never thought i would win, but I DID! so are you wondering what i won?

are you?

( i tried it on and it fits perfectly! so cute!)

so thank you miss emily!

1 comment:

  1. How adorable! How did you win it? Bring it to Naples!!!