Friday, April 24, 2009

{new loves}

love this outfit from banana republic
i am at susanne's and we are having so much fun! we always laugh so much when i'm i am getting a pedicure (my poor toes need it) and making some snacks for the service group that meets at their house on friday afternoons.
then tonight we're going michele busch's preview party for her spring jewelry excited! i've heard about these parties but have never gotten to go!
i'll be sure to let you know what great little items we purchased...happy friday!


  1. love the outfit too! I just went to BR today while the group finished tanning at the beach! Sounds like you are having fun and you will love the jewelry party! Can't wait until we can all do something together!

  2. we did have a great time! are nate and vicki having fun?

  3. oops! that comment was from me not susanne!