Monday, April 6, 2009

close ups

these were from the anniversary party a couple of weeks ago...i have so many pics like this especially when mike and i travel...if we want a picture together, this is the way we have to take it {he he}

oh good news...i finished my first week of runners' training! yippee! it's going to be hard getting my body back in 'work out' shape since i haven't really worked out consistently for a long time...but i'm loving running. at first, it was really hard, and it still is, but it's addictive. i look forward to being out there, not having to think about anything except running. and my ipod keeps my company...thank goodness for that!

this week is going to be super busy. i have a test tommorrow in music, and a nutrition project i'm working on. i have a government test at the end of the week. plus, memorial is on looking forward to that! and mike's giving the talk. i found a really cute dress at marshall's today to wear on thursday, so i'll try to post some pics of us at memorial.
have a good week!!

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