Thursday, March 26, 2009

setting goals

are you a goal setter? i don't know that i would call myself one..i'm more of a lister maker and checker offer (not a word?) i like quick results, like clean the toilets-done, make dinner-done, organize my armoire-done. i feel good, i've accomplished something in less than 30 minutes, and i don't feel guilty if i sit down to watch lost or american idol.

but i have a new goal. it's a long term one, and we are talking LONG TERM since i have not even begun to work on this goal (unless you count one day last week). what is my goal???

i am going to be a RUNNER. like where i can run for more than 3.5 minutes without feeling sick and having a pain in my side. where i actually enjoy it, like all those terribly in shape people in my neighborhood that go jogging by day after day...that's gonna be me in a few short months! so this is how i'm going to do it

are you ready to join me?!


  1. you would not believe this...2 nights ago right before we went to sleep i told chris "i've decided what i want to do. i want to be a runner!" of course, that got a laugh out of him!
    i will so do this with you. maybe we can run a marathon together. wouldn't that be something to check off your list?!?

  2. that would be amazing to run a marathon together!! i'm starting monday; do you want to start then? and we can give each other progress reports at the end of each week?!

  3. yes. i will start monday. i've already printed out that schedule and bookmarked runners world to my favorites!! this is so good--i really needed this!